Wonky Chord Pads?

Anyone else getting odd behaviour when dragging chord pads onto a track?
Some won’t drag at all, some drag the wrong chord, most presets affected in one way or another.

Seems to be something to do with alignment of the lower zone?
Very hit and miss. I can open an empty project and all chord pads will drag fine. I can then close that open another one and half won’t drag or drag the wrong chord or a blank.
Hiding the lower zone and then re-showing “fixes” the behaviour most of the time but not always.

Should note, that often when opening, the bottom of the lower zone is slightly cut off.
Resolution/scaling issue? Lower zone not aligning correctly? Definitely feels like a UI alignment issue.

Running 1920x1080 100% here.

Found it:

Preferences - General and unselect “hiDPi” - and everything working 100%.

Go me!