Won't play the whole piece in Play Mode

I’m having issues with my playback - it will stop after 1 second and not play anything… When inputting each note there was no issue with the sound, just playback of the whole piece won’t work.

Could you please elaborate on this. What sound device are you using? In-built sound card or external audio interface? What are the driver settings? If you choose the menu item Edit > Device Setup a dialog shows up, where the audio driver can be selected. Also, there is a button called Device Control Panel. Clicking that another window opens with driver specific settings. Could you please make a screenshot of that and post here?

Does it happen with any project? When you create a new piano project and enter arbitrary notes, same again? If so, could you please zip up such test project and post here?

Thank you so much for your quick response! I restarted the program and it’s playing now! Thanks though! :slight_smile: