Won't quit

Anyone else have an issue with Cubase not wanting to quit completely?? I’ll hit Command Q and the project closes, but the Icon in the dock still has an arrow under it. Options include force quitting, but whenever i choose to do that, then it loses my audio interfaces and I have to manually choose them again versus “built-in” audio. WTH?

Mine will quit eventually, but it usually takes 30 seconds or so. Started with 9.5 for me.

Same here, profect closes but cubase does not quit.
Installed latest update

In Win 10 I use the .msc task manager to close Cubase project files since ver. 9.0 Pathetic¡¡¡
It only happens when I close a project. If I quit it closes cleanly. I just save first, then quit the program.

Same problem here.
Seems to happen more often when using lots of Acustica plugins.