wont show 64 bit plugs

i have found that some plugins that i have as 32 bit and 64 bit.installed in correct folders,but when i open cubase 6 (same happenning with all point updates) i am only shown the 32 bit version in the vst list.
i have to take out the 32bit .dll for cubase to then show me the 64 bit version.
anyone else h ave this problem? and the plugs are legal versions.

Pretty normal: each plugin has a unique ID. Upon scanning, cubase accepts the first plugin with a given ID and ignores plugins with that same ID scanned later. X64 builds of plugs have the same ID as their x32 counterpart, so that these builds are interchangeable upon projects loaded in different host builds.

Solution: separate the x32 and x64 plugs into different scan paths for the host.

dosent happen for all 64 plugs that also have 32 bit versions tho.

Some x64plugs have a different name as a secondary reference (maybe x64 at the end of the name) and I think these will then actually show both versions…or maybe it’s something in the coding of the plug.

Just to add to TabSel suggestion…what you may want to do is have a 64bit vstplugs folder…a 32bit folder and then a further folder for 32bit plugs that you want bridged only.
Usually no need to reinstall plugs…just copy or move the dlls around.

Dont copy or move dlls around, some plugs won’t work correctly!

Use my PluginManager instead: http://www.familiekraft.de/PluginManager

yeah,i do have a 64 bit folder,and a 32 bit folder.

Yes but as your cubase 64bit is looking at both those folders it will still open the 32bit if it scans it first.

You seem to missing the point that you need to hide the 32bit plugs that you don’t want opening instead of 64 bit…which you can do by making the third folder as I suggested (32 bit for bridging) and then removing the old 32bit folder from 64bit Cubase’ plugin paths.