wood - Desert

second mmix with acoustic guitar added, played by Philippe van Hartingsveld, mastered with Wavlab9


Hi Peter, I’ve listened to it a few times. It establishes a very peaceful mood, and it’s hard for me to imagine what to add to it. Sounds great as a meditative background. I could imagine killing the mood with a loud guitar, but why would anyone do that?

What he said!

Peter, that sounds lovely and it sounds complete to me. Beautiful.


Beautiful, just beautiful!

Nice ambient soundscape. There’s a BIG market out there for stuff like this, you know :sunglasses:

It sounds complete as it is Peter. Very nice.

Would that life was like this music. :wink:

Really, really nice

second mix with acoustic guitar added

The acoustic guitar is a great addition. Makes me want to hear a lot more. I suggest you extend the piece; maybe go a different tonal center for a bit and then come back. Or I guess I could just play it on a loop! Great work, Peter.

Another beauty, Peter! :sunglasses: