Woodwind Condensing Magic and Curse

Generally, Dorico’s condensing works like magic. I haven’t had to make any changes to the default settings and the scores look beautiful. However, in the attached score, the upper winds suddenly stop condensing on page 12. I have fiddled with settings, tried manual condensing, looked for reasons the flute 1 and 2 might not want to share a staff; I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Can anyone give me a hand?

dong_mau_lac_hong.dorico (2.3 MB)

Notation Options > Condensing > Pitch crossing approach > allow unlimited pitch crossing

Probably the phrase continues for Dorico and it won’t condense because of the pitch crossing on page 14.

quite high horn, and woodwinds at the beginning/end :wink:

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That gets me headed in the right direction. I’ll keep playing with it. Thank you!

I want them to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth! (No, really, I’ll check the parts with some friends to find out if those sections are dreamy or screamy.)