Word Clock problems [RESOLVED]

I have five MR816’s.

The first three are chained together in the normal way and units 4 and 5 are linked to units 1 and 2 with ADAT cables.

If I run a project in N5.5 with a sample rate of 44.1khz, most things works fine (although there are problems with trying to run the system with zero latency monitoring, which is a whole different can of worms).

If I open a project with a sample rate of 48Khz (which I need to do for a film soundtrack), the clock of the first three MR816’s is automatically changed to 48Khz, but the clock rate for units 4 and 5 remains set to 44.1Khz despite the fact that they are connected to the 1st and 2nd units via ADAT. Additionally, the ADAT light on Unit 4 is flashing and 44K is also lit; and on Unit 5 the Internal and 44K lights are on and not flashing.

I’ve tried connecting word clock cables from Unit 1 Out to Unit 4 In, then from Unit 4 Out to Unit 5 In and then a 75ohm terminator at the end of the cable, but it makes no difference.

I’ve checked all connections and replaced all of the ADAT cables in case any of them were faulty.

I am fully aware that Nuendo can only recognise the first 3 units chained together, but the other two should be able to get the correct word clock setting from them.

Any help would be appreciated.

This has been resolved with help from Oliver on the support line.

To set MR numbers 4 and 5 to 48khz I had to plug the firewire cable direct into them (one at a time) and then use MR Editor to set them to 48Khz and ADAT.

They now remain set to 48khz all the time.

It would be a drag to keep changing them back and forth between 44.1 and 48, so I’m just going to run everything at 48 from now on in.

Thanks Oliver

I was hoping to find an solution here to the same issue i have here. But this is a workaround, not a resolved issue…
Let’s say one of your client has projects in different sample rates, lets say 44.1 kHz and 88.2 kHz, how of a PITA for you that day will be!!

I’ve contacted steinberg support about this issue 2 times, and i diden’t even received a reply about it. They just seem to don’t care.

I almost purchased 3 units in one shot, good thing i only buyed one and found out about this issue beforehand.

You are right.

I am actually going to jump ship and go back to RME, although I will probably keep two of the MR816s connected via ADAT to a FireFace UFX.