Word extenders don't behave correctly when associated note lengths are changed

Word extenders aren’t added/removed properly when the associated note length is changed. See the attached animated png.

Dorico Word Extenders

I’m running Dorico Pro on MacOS 13.4.1.

That’s correct: one has to double-click the “offending” syllable and then press the Spacebar to clear the extender.

I think it’s a bug. Should I mark it as a “feature request” so the devs consider changing it? As currently implemented, it’s a mistake waiting to happen, especially as most things in Dorico do the right thing when the note length is changed. I feel like this behavior runs counter to their design philosophy, as I understand it.

You don’t need to mark it as anything. The fact that you’ve posted will mean that at least one person from the development team takes a look, even if they don’t reply directly to this thread.

It’s known to them that this functionality works the way that it works. Whether the design and implementation of this functionality changes in future remains to be seen.


This is something that has bitten me more than a few times, as well, especially when copying lyrics to another voice with different note values. It may not be trivial to implement but I can’t imagine the development team’s not dealing with it sooner or later.