Wordbuilder Crashes Cubase

I don’t if this issue has been resolved, but I’m having an issue with Wordbuilder crashing Cubase. As soon as i try and load it into an insert on a midi channel, it crashes. I then tried to load it by first loading PLAY (Symphonic Choir) and loading it into the insert on the Play Midi Channel. This was successful- but the moment I try and type into Wordbuilder, all letters appear double. Have done some searches online, but can’t seem to find any recent activity regarding this issue. Any suggestions?

“Any suggestions?”
Yes; visit the Soundsonline forum. SC and Wordbuilder are EWQL programs, and there’s a ton of information on their forum about these products…from the past to the present. Wordbuilder is being integrated into SC and that is due out this week, so you’ll want to read more about that at soundsonline, and download the Play updates etc. when they are released.

this is a known issue since Cubase 5.1.2 - thankfully East West will fix this even though it is an issue on steinbergs side… But yeah, should be out this week.