Wordbuilder in Dorico Play Mode

Has anyone successfully used EastWest Symphonic Choirs’ Wordbuilder on playback in Dorico and, if so, how did you set it up? Scrolling through the notes using the right arrow key on my computer keyboard sounds fine, but I can’t get it to play back in Play mode. Thanks in advance.

Welcome tot he forum, Hungry4donuts. I believe the reason it doesn’t work at present is that Dorico does not currently output the current tempo information during playback, which Wordbuilder requires in order to know when to switch the syllables. This is something we plan to address in a future version.

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Ok, thanks for replying, Daniel. I will stay tuned. BTW, I also wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the great work that you and your team are doing. I suspect you read dozens, if not hundreds of these daily. Hopefully sprinkled among them is affirmation of your efforts for a job well done. -Bryan

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Thanks, Bryan, it is much appreciated that you take the time to express your own appreciation for our work.

Just trying to get the East West Symphonic Choirs Platinum working with Dorico myself. Although I can play a Wordbuilder phrase via an active stave, any notation does not trigger it back in the same way. I don’t think this is because of Dorico not outputting the current tempo information as your mentioned above, Daniel, but I could be wrong. The syllables change when you play a different note. Rather what seems to happen is that a Wordbuilder patch has different articulation elements somehow split between different midi channels…See RHS of screenshot…When you play a phrase, it jumps between the midi channels. What I don’t understand is how you can play a word builder phrase on an active stave, but if you input some notes, it does not play back properly…It just triggers one of the channels in the PLAY software instead of replicating what you played. The ‘player’ in Dorico is set to a single midi channel because there is no omni setting (could this be the problem?) Maybe you are right Daniel, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has got this working somehow? Has anyone managed to get a word producing choir sample library working successfully with Dorico? Dominus Choir Pro takes a different approach to creating words and phrases for example, and I am considering buying it, my only worry is that it doesn’t have such a good capacity to sing English words…It’s more geared towards Latin, although English words are apparently possible. Which ever method works, I envision having to use many instances of a particular library in order to build up a full arrangement of a choir piece, and this could become complex…However, it would be wonderful to be able to use a great choir library with notation software instead of a DAW. Thank you! I spend hours with Dorico every single day (more so now than ever) and I love it.

If you need to trigger different sounds on different channels, you can do that via an expression map.

I’ve found the problem – it appears that PLAY v6 is not compatible with Dorico when using Symphonic Choirs. Because of a completely separate issue with this version, I “downgraded” back to v5 some months ago (shortly before switching to Dorico from Sibelius, I believe) and this is the reason why SC works fine on my system. There’s a new thread on this now https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=189463&start=25

If the issue on the Dorico side is indeed to do with output of tempo information then it only affects PLAY 6.

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I found the solution , use a VST host , ELEMENT (kushview) , setup an ELEMENT as a VST Instrument, in the "Element plugin " select a “Play” plugin and setup the inputs and outputs of play vst. It Works, setup the midi input in “Play” and the first 2 audio output (I can’t upload an image showing how)