Wordbuilder Question

Hi All,

I have a large Symphonic Choirs track already created (Cubase 8 Pro)

Is there any way to now apply the Wordbuilder software to this track without having to re-enter the whole track again?

Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.



If I remember correct, you can use the Wordbuilder as a MIDI Insert. So just insert it to the wanted tracks.

Thanks Martin for your prompt reply.

I have tried what you suggested and have selected Wordbuilder as an insert.

I felt quite pleased that I had finally sorted out a problem that has plagued me for many months.

However, now that I have this set-up, I can’t find how to relate any of the syllables of a phrase to the actual notes in my track.

Any help would again be so appreciated.


I would recommend to watch EastWest Wordbuilder tutorials on YouTube. There is very nice series (5 parts) about it. In gneral, you have to type the text in the Wordbuilder. Then by triggering the MIDI notes, you trigger every single sound (syllables).

Thanks again Martin, I will go through them again carefully.