Work-around for independent key-signatures needed

Hi together!

Sadly the condensing of independent time- and key-signatures are still not fully implemented, but I need to use those features quiet frequently. I don’t know, when this will be fixed, so I wanted to ask, if someone got a workaround for this. The only think not working is the signatures actually showing up. So it could be a possibility to manually add a signature to the exported PDF. But I have no clue, how to achieve this. Does anyone have an idea? @Zeeeee, you mentioned this before. Did you actually edit the PDF?

Thank you very much!

Do you mean that local time signatures do not appear at all when condensing? Because they do for me.

Hi Alexander,

in the score I am working on, it’s the key-signature, but I had the time-signature problems before in an older post of mine. This problem occures only at the changing-point, afterwards everything seems to work fine: