Work around for no playback of Caesuras

Hello! I have been creating short empty bars to replace caesuras for playback, as it seems that neither fermatas nor caesuras are reflected in playback. If there’s a way to get them to playback please don’t keep it a secret, if not, let me know how you handle it — if, like myself you need to make mp3 to pass to others.

There is not yet a way to make fermatas or caesuras play back. Like you, I use invisible measures to mimic caesura playback, and I understand others have used granular tempo alterations to control fermata playback.

I use tempo changes drawn in the Time track in Play mode - the benefit being that you don’t need to think about the bar number sequence or note spacing in parts as well, and when you draw tempo changes in the Time track, they’re automatically hidden in layouts (they appear as signposts).

For fermatas that are only a single beat, you might need to take the tempo down quite drastically for that beat in order to get the desired result. But equally, once you’ve got the signposts set up with the right tempos, you can copy/paste them to any other place where you have a pause.

Here are some useful links in the manual for using the Time track: the Time track itself, so you can see what all the relevant parts are and what they’re called, and instructions for inputting tempo changes into the Time track directly.

If you can’t see the Time track, you may need to show it.