Work around for pitch shift in Cubase Elements 10??

I’m very frustrated that this version of Cubase doesn’t have pitch shift, I received the software as a gift and it’s a short coming we didn’t foresee. Does anyone know how to do this in another way that doesn’t require spending ton on more software/hardware? I unfortunately don’t have one on my keyboard either.

Someone suggested loading the file as .wav into Omnisphere user audio and doing it there, but having trouble - it was already a .wav file but Omni gives the error message “convert to a wav-pcm.” I did that in Audacity and it still wouldn’t accept the file, same error message.

I use a Macbook Pro, I can look up the software version later but it’s up to date.

What I’m trying to do is manipulate a field recording from a Zoom H4n.

Still learning, please be kind… :blush:

Hi and welcome,

Could you use just the Transpose function in the Info View? Or could you use Sampler Track?