Work-arounds for recording audio through Virus TI?

:question: I seem to be stuck on this one…I use my Virus TI in Cubase Elements 7.06 as my sound card with the VST link, and so far everything has been fine. Now I just got an analog synth (Waldorf Pulse 2) and I want to use the audio inputs of the Virus TI to record audio in Cubase, but this is not possible because Cubase does not support the Input/Output configuration even though Abelton Live and Logic Pro do, according to the makers of the Virus.

I only have two USB ports built into my laptop and want to use the Virus as my sound card, so how do I get the audio from the Pulse to record in a track in Cubase? I really don’t want to buy another expensive device just to record the Pulse. For that I could save money by switching DAW’s, but I just like Cubase’s straightforward GUI, and would prefer to stay.

I think there is a very tricky way to work around the issue, can anyone explain?

Why can’t cubase just support the full functionality? Apparently a lot of people have requested this long ago…

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Could the audio inputs on the Virus TI be used for the Waldorf Pulse 2 audio?

Sure they can, I’ve been using the “>>INPUT<<” patch on the Virus and listening to the Pulse via the Virus outputs to my monitors. Even the mixer levels in Cubase correlate to the audio from the Pulse, I just can’t record it. It’s such a little thing but it’s really a big deal in my situation.

FYI I have a CI2 audio interface and I did a side by side comparison and it’s duller and noisier than the same signal passing through the Virus, which is why I really want to record this way.

I found a way to get ONE track of audio from the pulse: you keep the TI in output only configuration, set up one track with “>>INPUT<<” preset and activate the Vocoder in FX page 2 - then slide source balance all the way to the right.

That buys you one track of audio that will record live in the real-time mixdown. But if you want to ‘perform’ any of the analog synth’s controls in your track, you’re out of luck with this method. It’s far from perfect but better than nothing…

Sorry to hear, mate.

I have never used the Virus TI inputs nor the VST plugin part, but was hoping this could be an option for you.

Do you have an audio interface?

And completely off topic, how do you like the Waldorf Pulse 2?