Work In Progress Mix 3 - Rough Vocals Added

I’ve been working on some lyrics for this one but I’m kind of at a “brain freeze” point. So, before I let it rest for a bit I thought maybe I could get some opinions on the mix in general …

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Hey Scab!

The drums are pretty big and loud ( though very convincing ) in relation to the other instruments.
On some pieces the guitars could be more spread out in the stereofield to balance it.

Especially the leadguitar part is a bit thin, centered and small compared to the rest of the mix.
The basguitar could be more solid and beefy IMO.
I would even turn it around, the drums more centered and the instruments bigger and more stereo.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks for the comments, Dylan.

It’s kind of funny you bring up the stereo spread. I had things more separated at one point but ended up bringing them back closer to center for some reason.

I put the headphones on tonight and tweaked some panning to give the guitars a bit more separation. Also tried to tame the drums a bit, especially the snare which seemed a bit strong compared to the rest of the kit. Also, the overheads and room mics in the Superior Drummer mixer were panned hard left and right, so I brought them a little closer to the middle. I EQ’d a little low end off the drums - they did seem a bit “boomy” when soloed, possibly fighting with the bass guitar frequencies.

I tried some EQ adjustments on the bass to give it a little more body. I think I might have been trying to cover up my crappy playing. Also bumped up the high “lead” guitar parts. You have a good ear - I think I’m getting closer following your suggestions.

It got too late for me to crank up the main speakers so I’ll have to give it another listen tomorrow. I’ll post the new mix after that.

Thanks again for the input,

I agree with Dylan about the drums. They really stand out. I reminds me of a drummer in a room playing along with the stereo in the backround (the stereo playing the bass and guitars). Much bring them down a little. The reverb on the drums also sounds like a smaller room whereas the guitars sound in an concert hall type setting.
I like the guitar riffs.

Yeah, definitely bring the drums down a few db, especially the snare. Toms tend to sit better so I’m cool with those. There’s some kind of artefact with the guitars on this, sounds like some you’d find with the Vox Tonelab, dunno if you used that or not, around 00:30, might just be too much verb/delay but it’s audible and muddies the mix a tad.

Probably transform the song even more if you get some vocal action :sunglasses:

Mix 2 uploaded …

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J.L. & Phil, thanks for the comments.

Besides what I already mentioned in my other post …

I added a touch of reverb on the drums to try to balance it out a little.

I know what you’re saying about that massive delay on the main rhythm guitar part, Phil. It does kind of stand out. But in a strange way I like it, too. I’m hoping it blends in more after adding some vocals. I was trying to get sort of a pulsating tempo synced thing going. I don’t really know what I’m doing so it’s all trial and error at this point.

Also, I changed snare drums to one that seemed to fit in a little better.

Great edits, sounds a lot better. I will listen to it again when you finnish the vocals!

Good to know, Dylan. Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to try a few things. Time is hard to come by lately.

really nice man, lovin the guitar riffin. reminds of some old at the canteen stuff, page and beck. cool break to the drums, had me thinkin about some hammond there. great listen and cool playin.

Thanks, Bob. I’ve been thinking about the Hammond suggestion :sunglasses: .

Well, I managed to get about 15 minutes of usable time the other day. Enough to get a couple of rough takes down for one verse :unamused: . I think I need to find a small apartment and live alone again to get anything done.

Anyway, this is the general direction I’m heading with this thing in case anyone cares.

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At least it gave me something to test out my new iZotope Nectar purchase on. Pretty cool plugin.

And if nobody cares … whatever! :laughing:

Not sure when I’ll get a chance to work on it again, so this is it for now. Please excuse the repetition.