Work methods for moving midi to Sibelius

Hi guys

I currently sketch out tracks that have orchestral arrangements (classical crossover) in Cubase and when the project is ready I have to :

  • Export all midi to a new file
  • Create a new project. Import midi. Go through all tracks and quantise the starts and ends of notes onto the grid. Remove all controller data
  • Open in Sibelius and hope that I’ve quantised everything correctly or I get a big mess and work onward

This takes quite a bit of time before I can start marking up the score!

Is there a better way in 2013?

If you stay with your original file and display-quantise it, you can start tidying things up and export the score using musicXML to Sibelius.

In theory you can move music XML files between Sib/Finale and Cubase without losing editorial work, although the music XML import in Cubase 7 doesn’t work properly and can mangle scores, but if you’re only exporting, it should be fine. It’s worth a try if it’s your own music, as you know if the score looks right or not. Sibelius has some minor issues with musicXML BTW, but nothing like Cubase 7.

We all have high hopes for the former Sebeilus team
now working for Steiny to help with situations like this.

Fingers crossed.

I hope score editor gets an overhaul fairly soon, and we don’t have to wait for Cubelius ( :mrgreen: ) to appear first.