work space resize annoying !

is there a setting to keep the work space at max cause every time i open an edit or plugin the work space likes to resize its self and not stay on full window, ive searched everywhere , is there something ive missed in 5.5 or is it just like that ?

regards freq

If you drag it to full size, rather than maximise it, it stays full size after that.

One of Cubase’s quirky little window behaviours :slight_smile:

cheers ian

just goes to show upgrading keeps you on your toes :laughing: :mrgreen:

many thanks


The fullscreen option is completely useless unfortunately. Dragging the window to maximum is the best you can get, but it’ll always be windowed. Don’t understand they haven’t thought of a solution for this yet, it can’t be that hard :confused:

yer what a pain in the scrotum surely they would of thought about maxin the workspace area ,i wonder if they will sort it in updates for c6


I have a maxed windo that stays maxed.

I put all the windows and mixers ‘always on top’ by rightklicking in the window or mixer somewhere and check ‘always on top’

and I also keep the plugins on top, which you set via the preferences:
File > preferences > VST > Plugins > Plug-in Editors “Always on Top”

That’s an option, but I don’t have the screensize to leave all of that open all the time, I’d be without workspace :wink:

How so?

With the mixer on top you can open and close the mixer remaining the main window intact.
That was the OP’s problem or am I missing something?

Also with a bit of effort you can very easy manage a lot of things with keycommands.

Open close editores, mixers and devices.
Close all plugin’s with one button.
Create dedicated workspaces.

You can work lightning fast and maintain your workspacesize the way you want.

That plus I recommend a dual monitor set up, Cubase is just not for one screen anymore if you handle large projects in my opinion.

Same behaviour exists… and somehow Chris B always presents this as a feature, not a bug! I don’t think they intend to change it either.

Oh I didn’t realise that the workspace wouldn’t go windowed when calling up the mixer if it’s set to always on top. Will try that out, thanks!

As for dual monitors: I have 2 monitors but they’re not next to eachother. I throw my spectrum analyser on there etc, but the left one is too far away to put things on I need often (like workspace/mixer etc.)
I’m still working from a laptop though, once I get a dedicated DAW PC I might go for a triple screen setup and then this shouldn’t be an issue.

That plus you can drag the mixer to another screen, or your third in the future :sunglasses: