Work title, movement titles

Sorry for flooding the forum; I get the impression that the custom is to create one topic per issue rather than gather all problems in one thread as the occur.

I’m engraving a four-movement work called Chaconne & canzoni in d.

So I have created my four flows and named them Chaconne, Canzona I, Canzona II and Canzona III (duh).

It all looks nifty in the engrave and print modes … apart from there is no default place to put the main work title. Subtitles appear nicely. But how do I go about to create a big fat title for the whole?

I would suggest you do this by creating a new master page pair based on “First”, called e.g. “Title”, that includes an additional text frame that contains the token {@projectTitle@} (which pulls in the title from the project-wide info in File > Project Info), and then use a master page change to specify that the first page of the layout should use your new “Title” master page instead of the “First” master page it’s presumably using.

I tried this and the new master page just seems to make a link to the “First” master page. Any edits I do to “Title” appear in “First” and vice-versa.

I’m sorry to say I think you must be doing something not quite right. If you create a new master page pair based on ‘First’ and call it ‘Title’, you should be able to edit it completely independently. Once you create your new master page pair, make sure you double-click that master page pair to open that in the editor, rather than the ‘First’ master page.

Not sure what could be wrong but it happens every time. I have tried it on a fresh document so no other issues could have cropped up. I have outlined a simple example below. I’m using Windows 10 Home with the Anniversary Update.

  1. Create new score from a template like a string quartet for example.
  2. Go to Engrave Mode
  3. Click “+” button to create new Master Page. (See image below)
  4. Double click “Title” master page to edit.
  5. change {@flowTitle@} to {@projectTitle@}
  6. Close edit window.
  7. Double click “First” master page. Edit is here as well.
    Master Page.png

Ah, OK – the contents of the text frames are linked behind the scenes (which is clever as it allows the text to be shared by default between the left- and right-hand pages in the pair, but there’s currently no indication in the UI that this is the case). Delete the text frame on your new ‘Title’ page and create a new one, and you’ll then find that it’s independent.

Sorted! My original thought was to add projectTitle to the existing frame rather than create a new one.