Work with a note expression caused an issue!

Hello again, dear Steinberg!

I have an issue again due working with note expression, have no idea what caused it. Cubase just gave an error and said to report to support team with this crush dumb. Cheers!
Cubase 64bit 2019.6.27 (1020 KB)

Ummm, this is a forum of Cubase users not Steinberg support.

To get support log into your My Steinberg account.

Hi there! Really?! I thought it’s an amusement park - very similar! But thank you so much for your kind reminder!
Btw, the support due MYSTEINBERG account does not deliver directly! They redirect you to their distibuters that know nothing about Steinberg products!

Depends on where you are located. In US it is direct from Steinberg and in my experience pretty responsive.

I’ve always wondered why they need to use distributors in some countries which seem to offer sub-standard support.

I’m from Russia, and here are a lot of Cubase users, but we don not have a quallity support for their products (Steinberg).