(WORKAROUND ADDED) Mutliscreen Cubase conflict with H7 (win 10)

Cubase 12.0.70 focus conflicts with Halion 7 :
If you load 4 slots of samples into Halion 7 add 4 midi tracks , go to Halion 7 THE VOLUME FADER GOES TO ZERO FOR THE SELECTERED SLOT :
If you try to move the fader it will jump to zero again the first time but then returns to the original volume , if you change focus to the project page the whole thing repeats .

My workaround is for each slot to unlearn (forget) the CC volume control for the selected slots .
This is a conflict between Halion 7 and the MIDI REMOTE , if the MR is disabled all acts as it should with Halion 7 .
No CC messages are conflicting with my programmed Cubase controller and Halion Volume CC messages but under the hood the volume goes to zero .
There is no automated volume activated BUT you can use the Midi tack Volume automation to return the volume to normal while Cubase is playing , if it’s not playing , volume is on ZERO .
Once again with the Lego Midi Remote disabled everything works as it should .
This conflict also causes Halion 7 to crash Cubase if you try to render H7 to audio .
I have be too a throw back with support who have been super responsive but still no resolve , this basically renders H7 unusable in Cubase unless you are willing to reboot after adjusting all your samples and adding midi and saving EVERY TIME before rendering .

Simple workaround really for the rendering crashing part :
It’s caused by the mediabay being open on the righthand side of Halion .
Once the Mediabay has been closed and the tab removed from the menu bar Halion 7 renders perfectly .
So it’s just to case of using the Cubase mediabay to add samples to Halion 7

One whole day of using Halion 7 in Cubase with the mediabay removed and no crashing BUT the slot fader going to zero still persists , every preset , sample library or anything you do in H7 requires you to FORGET Volume CC control for each slot fader every time .

All my Midi remote CC commands are different to the H7 CC commands for volume/level/gain but still this reallly annoying thing persists