Workaround C6 32bit->Reason6 Rewire

I have updated to Reason 6, and I use Cubase 6 (32bit) on a MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard)

Is there a workaround to connect these two programs via Rewire or other ways??

Thank you.

Hi M8, No workaround needed, reason 6 works fine with Cubase in 32 bit mode…havent tried it, but well it should when you have both programs 32bit…even if your O/S is 64bit. So Rewire on & tell us how you got on. :wink:

It WONT work if you only have the 64bit Reason 6 installed…just install the 32bit version & you should be a happy camper.

Hey m8… thank you. I found out.

You don’t really need to install 32bit version, you just have to make sure Reason 6 isn’t running. Right click on the program/show info, mark “open in 32bit” and you are a real happy camper…