Workaround for ASIO Guard Peak without CPU Load

Hey There,

I have been working on a project with a lot of plug-in and found that only the ASIO guard performance meter get peak. I searched through the forum and found that if I enable records on tracks it will compromise the ASIO Guard performance so I did enable lots of tracks to balance the performance between ASIO Guard and CPU as the screenshot below. Now, I’m mixing and mastering the project.


Is this the best practice for this situation or is there any other better ways?

Was the asio guard actually peaking out at maximum? I always let the asio guard peak and the others low as this means the computer has power left. What you are doing is taxing the computer more by record enabling the vsti. I don’t seem to have a problem that way. In fact if I click on a track and enable a vsti on a very large project then I do get a problem as the actual cpu load jumps up and peaks. Without it record enabled the asio guard goes high but everything plays back fine. I would say they do not need to be balanced

It is close to maximum. Actually I can add only a few more plug-ins before that happens.