Workaround for AudioWarp group edits?

does anybody know a workaround for applying audiowarp changes to multiple tracks? I recorded a bass via DI and mic, put them in one folder, used group edit and made some changes with audiowarp (free warp), but Cubase applies audiowarp only to one track. Now I need to re-amp the DI track to ensure that both are the same. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks!

Render them to a stereo file, do your warping and split them up back to two mono files later. For listening while editing you can use 'Mix6To2" to not have it hard L/R panned.

Thank you! That should indeed work in this case!

Works up to 6 channels (5.1) though it’s a little tricky to route 6 channels correctly for bouncing them into a 5.1 wav.

Me and many more people hope for instant phase coherent multichannel warping in a future Cubase version :wink: