Workaround for Heavy System Usage

Using a program called Audio Gridder, the uploader of this video shows you how to reduce your VST load. I was struggling with a basically unusable system because every VST I added was causing drop outs and huge latency. If you see your usage bar wobbling around all over the place too ^ this solution fixed it for me and I can use Cubase again without having to continually bounce everything.

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I just heard about this yesterday and have been considering adding it to my setup.

If it’s running locally instead of on another computer, have you had to do anything with latency compensation?

Way too expensive and a pain to add another computer for this, but if it works like VE Pro does (which saves truly immense amounts of processing power using it on the same computer) then I would give it a go.

I have a 4th Gen i7 which runs better with it used locally, in terms of audio performance. From what I can see and therefore try to puzzle out, seems that a dedicated machine (probably a server) would be required if routing many, many plugins across many machines on, potentially, different networks / network segments or VLANs. This would be, I should imagine, because as you increase machines and routes required you are exponetially increasing the processing power needed (sort of).

Just a basic bit of maths (with many, almost certainly asumptions but this a rough ballpark figure) where we give every machine attached a cost of 1 unit of work, every plugin a cost of 1 and every additional network / segment / etc. a cost of 1 (yeah, this is waaaaay off the mark because routers, cable lengths, age of hardware, competence of network engineer, and so on almost ad infinitum) and plug in some “realistic” (for a given version of reality where such things follow protocols and logic without the influence of Human Perception and flaws, so not this one) numbers

1 Machine (local install of software), 30 plugins (20 channels with two and 10 with one) and no network traversal, so 0 (it is local, yes I know about Bill’s foibles but 0.0176 is a silly number to introuduce into this cough “model”) would have a cost of 30 Units of Work (UoW) to supply the goods effectively.

2 Machines, 60 plugins and 2 network destinations = 240 UoW (8X one local machine)

3 Machines, 90 plugics and 3 network destinations = 810 UoW (A smidge over three and a third times that of two networked machines and 27X one local machine, oof)

Anyhoo the TLDR; I run one local instance on an old machine, the same one running Cubase and on which all the plugins are installed, I am clinical about the plugins I use in Cubase (the well behaved ones that have little to no impact on the usage and Asioguard stats) and I host everything else in AutoGridder leading to an average sort of spread of around 3 hosted plugins in AudioGridder for every 2 residing in Cubase.

With this setup and use case, I have only once had to work to get my latency compensation acceptable and I am sure was a user (me) error with routing and summing (I did not invoke the correct runes or something).

Your mileage may vary (probably will, in fact unless you have the same setup down to the disks, I would be gobsmacked if it did not) but anecdoctal tales from three or four fellow producers with whom I have shared this reflect my experience in outcome very consistently, although this of course is hearsay with massive relationship bias and a likely over rating caused by it actually, finally making Cubase usable for some pretty big projects.

If you have any other specific questions I can try to help with or if I can provide you with firmer evidence to aid you (cos although I stand by what I write, I hope I have made it clear, there is 0 scientific approach, quantitive analysis is non existent or guessed at and I have only been using it with an average number of plugins for a couple of months now, hardly a thorough workout of every possible setup over an acceptable timeframe) simple things (or pay xD) such as exact specs and direct comparisons for some of the more “troublesome” plugins, I’m looking at you Kontact and Arturia cough, well, I love stats and system analysis and quite frankly miss them so, any excuse - you know.