Workaround for Mac giant-sized PDF printing problem

PDF printing is limited to outputting enormous files on Mac.


I’m posting this in the main Cubase forum since this does not solve the issue, but is a workaround that permits reasonably sized pdf files to be output from Score page view.

Instead of printing to pdf, use Export Scores (in the File>Export menu). You’ll have to do this for each page. Your margins will be maintained if you later print using Preview. You would then concatenate the files by dragging them onto Preview, ordering your pages, and printing to pdf from there.

In the dialog that follows select Portable Document Format from the drop down menu, and select 100 from the other drop down menu for the smallest file size. I had very legible results printing a file using 100 as the value. (It does not appear that every resolution value in the list actually gets exported accurately, 100 was the smallest though, and the higher values gave larger files.)

Do not use the Select Export Range tool unless you want to limit the export to the selected area of the page. Simply open the page in Score page view and hit File>Export>Scores.

These files are still around 3 times the size of comparable pdf pages printed normally, but that is in a manageable range, much better than the 20 to 40 times larger file sizes we are currently (7.0.3) getting using the print dialog.