Workaround.. how to change focus to a specific mixer!

Create a macro to turn that mixer on and off… this changes focus to that mixer!.. the solution just hit me tonight

how I work is i have 2 mixers setup 1 above each other. top mixer = groups, bottom = chans + groups, what i like to do is select a group i’m working on and select the channels mixer then choose ‘show channels connected to the selected channel’ then I can work on just those channels.

previously i would have to select the group in the top mixer, then select the bottom mixer then run the command to show only chans routed to the selected chan…

now i have a single macro that hides mixer, shows mixer then runs the show command…

mixer flickers for a second but it works great!. thought i would share

Glad this is working for you. I tried something similar but couldn’t get past the on/off flicker. Drove me nuts.


Aloha X,
Nice work. Tanx for that info.