Workaround to get something like "Logical Editor-Macro Toolbar"

Here is my simple approach to a Logical editor Toolbar which we have been waiting for years but Steingberg never gave us.

1- Copy all your most used presets to" \Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Logical Edit" (in Windows), include factory and user presets so that you have them in the root folder when you open the Logical editor panel.
Tip: I moved the “Earlier presets” folder inside the User folder to the Factory folder so in User Presets I see just what I want.
2- Open Logical Editor and place it to right side over the Right Zone Window and close it. Next time you open it will remember the position.
3- Assign a key command to Midi-Apply Logical preset…
Now with just 1 click you have all your presets ready to apply and don´t have to remember so many key commands.

Same can be implemented for Project Logical Editor presets which are located in “\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Project Logical Editor”

Hope in near future we have a Macro Toolbar…

See my other posts for more tips


Ingenious, I love it.

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Can also add Macros to the PLE “toolbar” by creating a new PLE preset that only contains the macro in the Pre-Post commands section. This way you have all your preferred PLE and macros in the same window in 1 click.

Great idea

I’ve been delaying going in and cleaning all this up.