Workarounds for mordent playback?

Hi, I’m writing an orchestral piece with a very recurring motif containing either a mordent or an inverted mordent. I’d like to work as I used to do in Sibelius, i.e. the same file is the final version of the score, and it can generate the final mockup.

The workaround I was using was suppressing the playback of the note with the mordent and then writing out the mordent in a second voice. Then I’d set the scale of these notes to 1 and hide everything I could.

That was working more-or-less well for the strings (despite some spacing issues I was willing to ignore), but I’ve now realized it does not allow the wind parts to be condensed (not even if I force them).

Do you know of a passable workaround for this? So far I haven’t found it in this forum.

Although I don’t need this myself, it seems the most common workflow at present is to create a duplicate non-printing instrument part for playback only, and tweak it to your heart’s content.


Yes, with manual staff hiding, a hidden staff will still play back. You can then suppress the note in the visible score while the ‘ornamental’ staff plays.

… musicologists agree that it’s definitely either a mordent or an inverted mordent! :rofl:


Welp, that sounds very familiar LOL.

I eventually did it. It took forever but now it works with the hidden staves. Thank you both!

Glad it works. For what it’s worth, it should be quite fast to duplicate a player, copy everything from one staff to another, and only change little bits for playback. I wonder if you did something the long way?

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Not really, it took me ages because there were simply a lot of mordents and I had to undo my first workaround attempt.

The extra staves were also messing with the visible instruments somehow even despite being invisible (I had a staff labeled as if “tuba” was being condensed with “tuba playback”, even though the later didn’t show anywhere else). I grouped all the hidden staves in a “group” and everything was finally fixed.

Thanks again!

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I generally keep (at least) two full score layouts in my project, a Working Score that contains all staves but which I never format and a Conductor’s score which contains only the staves I plan to display along with condensing, transpositions, and formatting, etc.

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