Worked 2 days then it didn't

I opened a ticket some 7 days ago and i’ll i’ve been able to get out of support was “Do you have Cbase installed and have you checked the drivers”. I’ve had this 200$ brick sitting at my desk and I need some serious assistance from anyone who can help. I can’t wait another 7-14-100 days whatever it may be to be told i might need an RMA or something, im at the point of returning it. Now that my rants done, heres the current issue.

CB AI7 on windows 7 64x
Trying to record with a MXL condenser using URs phantom power + Taylor410CE acoustic electric guitar. Everything is just about brand new. The UR22 worked out of the box for all of maybe 2 days. I have changed no settings, changed no ports, touched literally nothing on the UR itself, now everything sounds distorted. My mic’s distorted, my guitars distorted everything sounds like im yelling direcetly into the mic/guitar and its almost screeching. I’m not well versed in recording materials but i do enough tech work to know all the settings appear to be accurate so there shouldn’t be any issues.

If any real helpful soul in this forum could lead me to an answer before support gets back to me in x days that would be greatly appreciated.

Are you recording both mic and guitar at the same time i.e. vocal and accompaniment, or are you recording the guitar with the condeser mic? If you are recording the guitar direct, what results do you get when recording the guitar without having Phantom Power engaged; in other words how does it sound when recording the parts separately?
Furthermore, your problem has nothing to do with this known issue:

Turning off the UR22’s phantom power supply and recording just the guitar gives the same sound. I’ve tried installing it on another computer same exact issues. This worked directly out of the box without issues and two days later as i said for no reason whatsoever stopped working properly. I haven’t even touched the knobs from factory and its been placed high on a shelf with nothing near it that could cause any frequency issues. I was orginally attempting to record 2 single tracks 1 guitar 1 mic for singing.