Workflow advice re. markers and conversion options

I have a long recording with lots of generic markers in the Audio Editor, which have all been manually named. Each generic marker is a boundary of what needs to be a region for the purposes of rendering to multiple files.

To enable multi-file rendering, I need to now create named regions from these generic markers. I can convert the generic markers to region start markers using the Convert Marker Types dialog but they lose their names, and have no matching region end markers.

So what I need is a way to convert named generic markers to named regions:

  • the first generic marker replaced by a region start marker of the same name

  • the second generic marker replaced with both a region end marker and a region start marker of the same name as the second generic marker

  • and so on for all subsequent markers, with a region end marker at the end of the file

I’m sure there’s a simple way to do this (I have a vague recollection of somehow using the Basic CD and then converting the CD start/end pairs to region start/end pairs) but the problem here is the huge number of markers and the otherwise wasted effort in manually naming them.

Any advice on resolving my mental log jam welcome!

PS I know, I know – region markers should have been used from the outset, but I had a person pressing a button to drop the generic markers while listening, and then go back and type in the names …

You could try that: replace the generic markers with the CD splice markers (using the dialog converter). They will keep their name. Then you can use multi file rendering.
Note: if you have N markers, this will create N-1 files, not N+1. Unless you add boundary markers.

That’s it! It’s not 100% perfect but I can easily tweak it (some of the manually set generic markers were doubled in error, and there was no “end” marker).

Many thanks for saving me an enormouse amount of work.