Workflow advice

I’m about to start writing some arrangements for an event involving 12 charts, and the instrumentation isn’t confirmed yet. They need piano/vocal scores within the next month.

I was thinking that I could put all of the PV’s in one project as different flows, then when I get the instrumentation I can set it up and then export the flows as projects to orchestrate separately. I’m trying to avoid having to manually adjust the players and layouts in each flow. However, if I edit any staff spacing for the PV score (which is highly likely), the changes will not be there when I export the flow.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do differently to make my life easiest overall?

Daniel. I am not sure I see the problem. If you make any spacing changes in the Piano/Vocal Layout (rather than the full score) you should have complete freedom when you add the instrumentation to the full score without changing the PV layout.

Am I missing something?

Sorry for being unclear:

  • I have 10 arrangements to write but I don’t know the instrumentation yet - I only know the vocal parts to write for.
  • The piano/vocal parts are due first and I need to begin them now.
  • I’m trying to avoid having the 10 charts as separate projects whilst doing these piano/vocal layouts, as once I get the instrument list I would need to set it up 10 times (once in each project).
  • By having the 10 charts as separate flows in the one project, once I get the instrument list, I could organise the correct players and export the flows as individual projects - all with the same players.

However, once I’ve typeset the piano/vocal scores for printing - adjusting staff spacing where necessary (which is likely) - I will lose these staff spacing changes after the flows are separated into their own projects. This is because the staff spacing is attached to pages and not flows eg page 1 of flow 3 could be on page 11 of the 10-flow layout, and once I export flow 3, page 1 of flow 3 will be on page 1 of the new project.

I’d love someone to tell me that this is not the case, and that the staff spacing of flow 3 will be the same after I’ve exported it as it’s own project. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

It seems that my best bet is to enter all the music and just hope that the instrument list comes through before I need to typeset. This way I could export the flows and then typeset them within the 10 projects.

Is this any clearer?

Why will you need to split into 10 projects? You can simply add extra players as you need them and assign them only to the flows for which they are needed. As @Derrek says, your piano/vocal can apply to all arrangements, but you can also create a different full score layout for each flow that only contains the instrumentation for that flow.

I want all the arrangements in a different project so that the program runs a little smoother, and it’s also more straightforward if I need to do any major edits eg I won’t necessarily wreck the formatting of flow 10 if I delete flow 3.

In my experience, it’s been a disaster to have more than 2-3 arrangements in one project, mainly for this reason.

This is not a problem if you set each flow to start on a new page.

I can’t check right now, but will staff spacing also be maintained in this case too?

Yes, in general staff spacing adjustments will be preserved where possible.

But my instinct is that if you believe there will be lots of revision, including significant changes in terms of musical content and forces involved, you are probably going to be better off using separate projects.