Workflow for Creating Dozens of Individual Sound Effects?

Understood. I just used the wrong software then it seems :wink: Classical.

Yep, so I tried it. Selecting multiple clips and adding an EQ for example applies this EQ to all the selected clips. You can only preview the first clip, though. So when you hit preview, only the first clips is going to play in a loop and you cannot hear the rest of the selection. But in general it works.

I think it takes a bit longer and could really add up if you use this excessively, as you need to go into the process menu and apply it. But what takes longer is when you need to make changes to it. Then you need to go into the process history of each individual clip as far as I’ve seen and click modify, make changes, and re-render. A time killer. In PT it seems you can just select a bunch of clips and do adjustments in a batch.

From this perspective, EQ automation would be the better choice.

Thanks everybody for suggesting options. Much appreciated. I think I’ll go with the automation option for now but I think I’d like to see Clip Effects at some point down the road. For certain tasks it would be a little bit quicker in my opinion.

Again thanks!

The really cool thing about an effect being tied to an individual clip is obviously that you can slip the content or edit the left and right boundaries and the EQ stays the same…

Right. Which doesn’t work for offline processed events as they only process what’s being “shown” of the clip in this event.

You can extend the length off The offline processing range used by the more button in the process window. So you t and sent just what was selected