Workflow for video with MIDI sequencing

I am trying to figure out what the correct workflow and tools to use for working with video and adding some MIDI sequencing. There seem to be a lot of options I am unsure which best suit what I am trying to do.

I am working with a video that already has music and I want to add some extra instrumentation. The music is three different songs that are different tempos from each other. Lets say A, B, C. I’d like to have the entire thing in Cubase so I visualize it better and play over the interludes. I imagine this is something like what scoring to a movie would be where the there are varying tempos.

Is it possible to get the grid to line up for A, B, C?
Do I use a combination of tempo track and timewarp?

Maybe the flow is something like:

  1. Figure out the tempos for A, B, C
  2. Set the tempo track to match song A
  3. Move the video and audio so that beat ones falls on beat 1 of the grid.
  4. At the end of song set the tempo for song B
  5. Use time warp to move the grid so that beat 1 of song B lines up with the grid.

Is there a better way to do this?

So that actually works quite well.

Yep. As long as you can do it in that order. The trouble starts if, or when there are edits to the video length.