Workflow Idea

First off… I am pretty much brand new to Cubase, and brand new to the MR816csx, and really recording and live sound in general, so please be patient :slight_smile:

We have a small band which I help with and we now want to start doing some recording in our practice space, so I bought the MR816CSX and I plan on running it through a MacBook Pro with Cubase 7.

I am also thinking that I can use the MR816csx as a mixer during live performances. So here is my thought:

Mics and Instruments --> MR816csx —> MacBookPro with the MR816csx outputs --> Powered PA system

What I would really like to do is get an iPad app to control Cubase on the MacBook. Then, conceivably I could be out in the middle of the audience and control the settings from there.

Is this possible? Anyone have experience with this? If so, what iPad app should I get (I am wondering if the Neyrink V-Pro would work?)

Any advice is much appreciated.

I would post this in the CuBase Forum as well.

I would love to post this to the Cubase forum as well…

Oddly, I don’t seem to have the ability to post to that forum (there is no “post new topic” button"). Thoughts?

Send a private message to on of the admins requesting full access. Ed (not me) is a good person to help you. Look for his name in blue.