Workflow ideas please coming from drummachines

Hi guys, for the most part working with my rhythms in the past, what I’ve been doing is sequencing drums on MPC / Deluge & other drum boxes. It’s always an instrument per track. I was wondering if anyone has a smart idea of how to doing the same method of working in Groove agent (or Halion?!)

1: Build favorite KITS per drum category (kits for for snares, then for hats, kicks, noises, etc)
2. Lay down a pattern for the kicks, then another for hats, then another for FX, etc, and recall a previously saved kit for each pattern.

I want all instrument patterns separated in its own midi and output channel.

Do I need to use multiple Groove Agent instances? And if not, what’s the neatest way to do it?

Sorry if it’s an obvious answer, and thanks a heap for any tips