Workflow ideas: Toggling parameters and options

New Dorico user here!

  • Coming from using Sibelius and Finale, it seems odd that in Dorico, in order to switch between the hand tool and the marquee tool you have to toggle using a key combination (option-h). It would be nice to be able to press a key combination to engage the other option at the moment, like in Finale where you have the option-cmd thumb combination that allows you to drag instead of select regardless of the tool you are in, or in Sibelius where you access selection mode by pressing cmd.

  • And in other cases, there are certain options which might be better as toggles. For instance, link and unlink elements, accessing both options with one shortcut rather than two.

  • It would be nice to switch to Engraving mode when double-clicking on slurs, as you can already move them around by single-clicking, and in order to go to note input mode you can already double click into notes.

Loving the software thus far!

Welcome to the forum, Arnau.

Try holding Shift.


One of Dorico’s great features is that you can assign keyboard shortcuts to any of the commands, particularly those you use frequently.

I would recommend assigning commands to Copy to Staff Above/Below, as they are very useful, e.g. copying dynamics, slurs down a whole bunch of staves.

On a Mac, I use Shift Alt M and N, which matches other M/N staff commands; though I believe one of these is used for Markers by default.

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I use the same shortcuts, and I use them a lot.

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