Workflow improvement request

Hi @LSlowak ,
A hopefully easy workflow improvement request:

When using the mixer, and applying FX to the Master channel, when selecting on an applied effect to make some plugin tweaks, upon closing the plugin window, the UI does not return to the mixer page, but to the track edit page. It would be better to return to the mixer page.

If you have 2 or more FX plugins on the master channel, you may want to open one, make edits, then close it and then open the second or third master channel effect. In the current version, when closing the master channel plugin, it returns to the track edit page, you have to reselect the mixer page icon to open the mixer again, scroll over to the master channel and open the next effect plugin you want to edit.

Hope that made since!
Thank you!

Hi @mcmillan.jon

Thanks for your suggest, which has been shared with the team.