Workflow improvement

One simple request to boost workflow:

Please can we have separate key commands for Snap On and Snap Off. At the moment it’s a toggle, so you have to glance at a tiny icon to see whether it’s on, or off. This would be a huge benefit for me (I have to look for that icon 100s of times each day). However, if I could just press one key for on, and another for off, it would speed things up dramatically.

How hard can this be to implement?!!!


+1. Yes please.

There’s a few other things that could be given in both toggle and absolute like that:

Cycle - on/off as well as toggle
Lock - the other way, this has on & off controls for parts already but I’d prefer a single toggle shortcut key!
Mixer - One button to show the mixer rather than the toggle show/hide (because it gets covered up frequently and I always have to press F3 twice, once to hide the mixer then another time to pop it to the front)

Then, as I’m on a roll… How about bringing back the Escape key function to close the selected window? On all ‘reasonable’ windows, e.g. mixer, VST Rack, Connections, etc.


Ah, further to that, can we have the Quantize shortcuts back again please:

Iteritive Quantize and non-Iterative both having separate key commands.
(or Iterative On and Off rather than toggle so that I can program a macro??)

I used to use the two a lot together, for example, play in some nice piano, IQ the runs to be flowing, but Hard Q the first notes so they come in bang on time, and Hard Q the chordal/stab sections so they’re bang on time. It’s a real pain now to have to swap the quantize type when you’re working quickly.


Hard! :laughing:

You wish for on/off KC’s for certain functions. Sheesh, they can’t even get a toggle KC or a off KC for things like the History Window or the Export Window. You can open those with a KC, but no way to close them.

PS No,ctr+W is not good. That works if that window is currently highlighted. It’s too easy to open the History window, highlight something else, then use ctr+W and close something you didn’t mean to close.

Seriously, these simple and basic workflow improvements that you and I wish for don’t sell more copies of Cubase. They have nothing to do with new cool features. These workflow requests, plus dozens of workflow issues that should be made consistent (for example the preference to click anywhere in the project window to move the curser should also apply to the drum editor) don’t seem to be very important. My guess is that these features have been “piecemealed” over a very long period of time and as the program grows older, it’s age shows. I’m guessing it also makes it harder to code.

I have faith they’ll address a lot of workflow issues in the next major update. *dreams

As long as we give some good reasons why we need these things, i.e. use cases, then I think they’ll put them on the list of things to do. Then it depends on what they’re focussing on - maybe still getting rid of bugs at the moment :slight_smile:


+1 , it’s “snappier” that way

I have been asking for a key command to close the history window for several years. (or a toggle KC to achieve the same) That would be a great workflow improvement. You would think it would be just as simple as creating the key command to open the history window, but according to one reply it is not simple at all. Please note this also applies to creating a KC to close the export window. I was told the issue was because of inconsistencies when they added these features many years ago. I don’t know. I’m not a coder. But I do know I have requested these key commands for many years, and nothing ever happens.

Hopefully for the OP, the requested feature is not the same issue as it is with closing the History window and the export window. But I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

+1 good thread worth Steinbergs attention.

Are you sure you don’t need to upgrade from Elements to Pro to unlock these features ? :unamused:


IMHO this is not really an issue, if you use controller gear like AVID Artist - in the Artist Control I programed a button to easily do this job. - besides many others… :wink: