Workflow improvment idea: making dim. shorter with alt+arrow right

Dear Dorico developers, dear community
an idea for future improved work flow:

when i have selected a note and the dim. above and want to make the note shorter with ALT + arrow left the note is getting shorter, but the dim. stays the same.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-25 um 12.01.06

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-25 um 12.07.56

I think it would be amazing for the workflow, if they cold both become longer/shorter through ALT + Arrow in order to automatically get this:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-25 um 12.00.48

or is there a way to have this already, without selecting and changing both objects individually?

What do you think about that idea? Is there a reason against this feature? Just wanted to share that idea and see what you think :wink:
Thanks and all the best

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Thanks for the suggestion. It’s not trivial to implement, but I agree that in principle it would be ideal if all of the selected items could be lengthened and shortened together. Perhaps this is something we will be able to add in a future version.

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