workflow interuption


faulty machine…thus issue not relevant

I’ve never seen that happen :confused:

I don’t see this either. So you might want to look at whatever plugins you have on a separate ilok key. If you have free trial plugins that have expired these will pop up until you clear your ilok, for example.

But this has nothing to do with Cubase and it’s elicenser key. What you see is Cubase trying to load plugins that are external to Cubase.

And I don’t see this either.



Never seen it either. And, a client wouldn’t see it here anyway, cause everything’s up and running before they arrive.

So, so key to client interactions. Never let them see the man behind the curtain. Transparency is the best plan.

Also, do not talk to them about your latest or greatest black box or software .
Unless they’re musicians/gearheads, they don’t give a hoot.