Workflow/macro problem

Hey guys!

I’m trying to set up a macro for a certain workflow and somehow it is not working. Pretty sure I’m overlooking something obvious and maybe someone can spot the issue.

I need to export a lot of audio clips (altogether in the thousands) that are all named in a specific way. So I’ll use CSV Marker import and have my markers set up at specific intervals (e.g. every 30s or something) with a standard marker length of say 20s.

I was able to set up the following macro:

Snap Event to Marker
Edit – Move to Cursor
Transport – Locate Next Event
Transport – Locate Next Marker
Transport – Locate Next Marker
Navigate – Right (to select the next event and prime everything to use the macro again)

Works great and I don’t have to manually select, drag and position thousands of audio events.

I’m trying to set up that the previously mentioned macro also changes the length of the marker to be the same as the event. I set all the commands up with keyboards shortcuts and when I execute it manually everything works. But when I set it up as a macro, it either misbehaves or just plain doesn’t work.

So the process is the same but includes an addition:

Set my cursor to the start of the first marker and select the first event.
Edit – Move to Cursor
Transport – Locate Next Event (cursor moves to the end of the event)
Project – Open Markers
Navigate – Down
Project – Open Markers (to open the Marker list, select the next marker so the marker that the cursor is on, is also selected and active in that list)
Marker – Set Marker End to Cursor
Transport – Locate Next Marker
Navigate – Right

And I really can’t get it to work.

Also, is there any way to set up the macro to run as long as there are events on the track? Right now I would need to activate the macro every time and for what will end up being thousands of events, that’s a lot of button pushing.

Thanks for everyone that took the time to think along.

I’m running Nuendo 10.3.0 Build 184

Best wishes!

I do not understand that, we also export thousends of audio events. with special names.
But we do not set locators or markers, but export “selected events”.
So you can select the whole track and export all the audio events with one click.
Select the whole track - export → selected events. If there where thousend audio clips you will get thousend named files (there is an option processed or unprocessed). You don’t need a macro.

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yep why using the cycle markers ? I understand you do that if you want to use the cycle marker bounce ? and apply some process… but then you could just Render in place no ?

We use only “direct offline processing” per audioclip.
So we can export any audio clip per File > Export > Selected Events.
Never used cycle marker or locators in my life. Of course I have to say that we only play one track at a time. (We restore and digitize analogue sound carriers)

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Thanks for the discussion!

For this specific project we’ll be recording a voice-over and almost all of the sentences need to be a separate audio file with a name specified in the delivery sheet. Similar as an IVR recording/delivery would be. So instead of typing in all the names of the audio clips, it’s just easier to do a CSV Import and have all the names of the clips be taken care of.

This being said I haven’t actually used the “Export selected events” option and have to look into that. It might be easier to use a separate program later to do the renaming of the wave files outside of Nuendo. Great idea!

You don’t need a special program to rename files.
Export selected events takes the names of the clips.
We also do a csv-import from customer-list.
You need to use the “event-name” for exporting for naming the files.

It seems the issue is that when you export your clips, they are already named appropriately. In my case I would first need to name the events as I’m recording/producing them myself. And the CSV import works for cycle markers only? Or am I missing something?

Just for someone facing the same issue in the future…

The naming problem is taken care of by:
Edit → Rename Events from List
which let’s you rename selected events from imported CSV list.