Workflow Masterpages: Two ideas


I’m currently in the process of re-layouting a score that already had been layouted, but since there had been some changes here and there I need to redefine which page gets which layout. Most of the time the beginning of a Flow has moved some pages to the left or right, so what I have to do is

  1. reset those pages that had the new flow title to use the standard layout, and
  2. those pages that now start a new movement need the “new movement” layout.

This process could be somewhat streamlined. Here are some thoughts:

  1. I am in Engrave Mode (obviously) and scroll through the pages in order to look for pages that need their master page changed. When I find such a page, I have to go to the right top part of the UI that holds the page list and search there again for the current page. I would really like if there was some kind of “select the page that I am currently looking at” mechanism so I don’t have to do the search again. This can be espacially irritating when you work with custom page numbers or if your current masterpage does not show page numbers.

  2. Now that I have found the page I want to change in to top right panel, I click it and the panel below it, which holds all the masterpages, selects the currently selected masterpage. Now I have to open a dialog, where I a) have to choose the masterpage from a select field and b) have to click on “this page only”. I would love if I could assign the masterpage I want directly from the lower right panel, be it via drag-and-drop or somehow else. (This would be especially great since in this panel I have a visual cue of what the page looks like, while the dropdown in the popup obviously shows only text.) Those two panels are already connected somehow (you select the page in the upper panel, the currently used masterpage is selcted in the bottom panel), so it would be nice if I could use this connection to push a layout to a page in the other direction. Maybe I could select the new layout and click an “Assign to current page” button?

Thanks for listening :wink:

Thanks for these suggestions, which we’ll certainly think about.