Workflow question; equivalent to Pro Tools playlists?

Hi all - this is just a suggested workflow question.

In Pro Tools, frequently the first thing I do is playlist a track / tracks so that I can freely edit, process, consolidate, edit further, tweeze, etc, but the original audio (or 1 step back) is always on an underlying playlist in the same spot - this makes it very quick to retrieve the original audio at a given section, to step back on something I’ve done, or to quickly check against a previous version.

I don’t think Wavelab has a similar function, but I could be wrong. I’m wondering about suggested workflows in Wavelab for similar cases; I know I can duplicate the track and mute it, but this seems inelegant and takes up additional screen real-estate. Is there some better way to handle this kind of thing?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Just bumping in case anyone has any thoughts?

I as a former Pro Tools user in my recording/mixing days, I know what you mean. I really love Pro Tools playlist functionality.

I would say there is really nothing like that in WaveLab.

You could create a special lane on a track and duplicate the audio and mute that lane.

For mastering workflows, I tend to just save the montage at V1, V2, V3 etc. so I can always get back to what I had. The .mon files are extremely small files so it’s not a big deal to do a Save As… of the .mon file and have extra versions.

Maybe others have some ideas but I haven’t really found an equivalent to the Pro Tools playlists in WaveLab but I could also be overlooking something.

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Thanks for the reply Justin! Seems like duplicating and muting is the closest I’ll get; I save versions of course, but when you want to refer back to something you did 10 edits ago and possibly pull in a 15 second chunk from that, versions aren’t a lot of help.

I do appreciate the response!