Workflow question to distribute condensed source to individual instruments

I have orchestral scores, imported through XML. They come from Photoscore, but I think this is irrelevant. I spend some time attributing each wind player its notes (so that I can use condense), and move/copy to staff above/below are great tools. However, I notice something that is quite strange, from the user point of view, and I was hoping this could be optimized in a future version. If the section I’m dealing with has tuplets, the best workflow I’ve found is :

  1. Select the music
  2. Filter bottom notes
  3. Copy to staff below (if I use “move to staff below”, the upper staff loses the tuplets and it’s a mess)
  4. Select the original music (top staff, which still has two notes)
  5. Filter bottom notes
  6. Cmd-click the tuplet numbers
  7. Delete

The problem I have is when 6 is involved, I have to click twice on each tuplet number. My instincts would be that once is enough. Does it behave the same for each Dorician or is my setup responsible for it ? And if it does behave like this for everyone, could this be changed ?
Thanks for considering.

[Edit] It just struck me that if I use Filter notes, it should be enough to get rid of clicking, which is always a waste of time.

I re-edit this, because actually, using Filter notes does not solve the issue. I need to deselect tuplets, which is painful if I have to use the filter tool (because it’s Deselect instead of Select, and then Tuplets.)
I would really like if someone from the team could tell me why it is normal for me to have to click twice on the tuplet number in order to get it deselected as I stated in the first post. Or if there is a more efficient workflow.
Thanks in advance.

You might record a script for steps 5, 6, and 7:

Filter bottom notes - Filter Deselect Only - Filter Tuplets - Filter Select Only (so you can’t forget that) - Delete

[Edit:] Using your method, I also need two clicks to deselect the tuplet numbers.

Thanks for your scripting idea, and overall for confirming you also need to click twice. It’s not related to my system.

I can reproduce this problem with Ctrl+click/Command-click not removing the tuplet bracket at the first attempt. We’ll fix this.

Thank you!!!