Workflow simplification

I did a search, didn’t really find a specific reference to what I’m thinking here, maybe this should be a feature request: when working in N6 one thing that drives me nuts is the need to physically click on a window to bring focus to it. For example, I hit “F3” for the mixer window but if it’s “active” but behind my project window I have to hit “F3” twice to bring the mixer window into focus (I know many of us have complained about this) unless I want to physically click on it with the mouse. And this is the same for pretty much any Nuendo window: if I want to see the Control Room Mixer (my KC “C”), I have to hit “C” twice to bring it into focus if it’s already active behind my project window, same thing for the automation panel. It would be so nice to be able to just switch window focus with a single key command a la ProTools. John.

Hi John,

I agree. However, why don’t you display the mixer permanently on a second monitor?


Thanks for chiming in Timo, that is how I work so please, if it exists, point me to a key command that will bring the mixer or control room mixer into focus when working in the project window (or vice versa for that matter) without closing the window in question if it’s already visible. In ProTools I hit “command =” and my mixer comes in to focus. In Nuendo, unless I’m missing something, if I want to switch to the mixer I either click on it with the mouse or hit “F3”. Problem is, if the mixer is already up on that second monitor, “F3” CLOSES the mixer and I have to hit the key command again to reopen it and focus on it. Again, someone correct me if I’m missing the obvious but I haven’t found a KC that just switches between the two. Many thanks, John.

I have a button programmed on the MC Control to “toggle focus” of any open window. On PC it is Control+Tab. On a Mac it is Command+~.
Although not a focus key command, this will cycle focus through any open window in Nuendo.
So I have altered my workflow to not leave any open windows other then the project window (left monitor) and the mixer (right monitor).
So I have this button present on my main mixer button page on the MC Control, so when I need to use a mixer key command, I can easily toggle focus to it. It works, but as you can see, way too many extra clicks where none were needed before . All this should not ne needed to perform key commands, so yes it needs to be FIXED!


I will discuss this with our engineering team. I believe it should be possible with manageable efforts.