Workflow: Track presets and Key commands


Is it possible to call upon a specific track presets with key commands/Macros?

Example: I would like to press a key on the keyboard and a new Instrument Track with Kontakt loaded should appear.

Thank you for any input.


I was thinking about it, I didn’t any way, how to do this by using one command/Macro only.

I think, the fastest way is to create own VST Preset, rate it as *****, or name it as !!My_Preset, to become the first in lists. Than open Sound Browser (or MediaBay, but I suppose, you are using MediaBay for diferent commands) and double click to the first preset in the list, which is your own !!My_Preset.

And could I write a macro to perform that? Open the track preset dialog and choose the first, second or whatever in line?

Unfortunately, I didn’t find, how to solve this with Macro too. There are no commads, which could be use for this.

on win system very easy & usefull :
in your shortcuts choose : Project / track preset : open explorer
to have the Windows (mediabay) open (with 6 filters & result) for the selected track in Windows project (whatever the track is : audio/instrument/midi…) different Windows for intrument/audio/midi like that you can choose your filter for the track you choose in the project window

& if you want the same for each plugins open (VST or VSTi) choose : setup / open the explorer

let say you choose F10 & F11 : with F10 you can have “Track Preset” (audio/Midi/Instrument) & with F11 you have Plugins Presets (FX or Instruments)

PS : hope the translation of shortcuts is good (I’ve french langage)

You can open the track preset window, but I’m not sure, if you can select any specific presets.

I found different way.

Shift + F5 is Serch MediaBay. So you can use this shortcut, and write the name of the track preset.

you can choose every vst3preset present in mediabay !

Thank you for your replies.

By Choosing you mean choose by a key command? How?

Thanks again

that is not possible, ie. you will always need to manually perform the last step, that is, to click on the respective preset. having said that, if you follow the suggestions here and name your presets starting with a special character (like “!!!mypreset”), then it will come up at the top. unfortunately can’t think of anything more streamlined than that.