Workflow with the .BAK

Hello. Do some use .bak files in their workflow? How? Thank you for your shares. Mathieu

.bak files are there for you if you enable auto save. The only time I use them is disaster recovery, like a crash. Upon re- opening the session after crash, there ma be a .bak file that is more recent than your last saved .npr. If so, Nuendo will offer to open it for you.
You can set how often and how many .bak files are saved.

If you want to just have access to alternate versions of a project, .bak is not used. Simply save as… and add a number or note (ie. “song x short bridge”

Is that what you were asking?

Yes this is the reason why I configure 1 BAK (minus the mess in the folder) with recording at 1 min. I was wondering if some people use it as a tool in its own right. (damn I understand nothing about the new forum).

I suggest to set more .bak instances. Just in case you messed something up a few minutes earlier. Safed my butt quite a few times ( set at 5 backups every 3 minutes,here).