Working as midi based or audio based for best performance

Hi Cubase Family;

I use to work with audio channels as one-shot sample based or loops just beacuse I was thinking about getting best performance from my cubase 6. When I search new technics and tactics I found something.

An electronic musician was using only instrument channels and midi. His vsti performance was allright too. Working with midi file/channel is more creative thought. But it affect to use more cpu power right?

Could you please tell me which way is better to get best result about Creativity/performance rate?


It depends if you have parts that are “finished” and I put that in quotes because often I must go back and record again. For example when the time sig changes it reduces or lengthens parts even if the notes themselves are correct and cutting audio is a bad idea artifact wise.

Of course with drum samples it is a different story.

So you are saying both way has pros or cons…hmm…