Working at Different Workstations

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For example I start a new project in my Home studio and want to finish it at in my company. Do I mess up something? What is saved in the project file? What about the audio connections? They are different as mine at home. Is there something else I probably miss and should take care of?

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If you want to transfer a complete project to another computer, you should create a "self-contained project ". First, use Media > Prepare Archive to make sure that all the files needed for the project are copied to the project folder. Then you can make a back-up of the project with File > Back up Project . (The procedure is described in detail in the manual starting on page 124.)

The audio connections are saved with the project. If possible, you should replace the names given by Nuendo with your own. Ideally, these should be identical on all computers. Then it doesn’t matter if the hardware is different. If you open a project that was created on a different computer and the port names do not match or the port configuration is not the same, the “Missing Ports” dialog appears. Here you can manually re-route the ports used in the project to ports on your computer.

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I save the project in a onedrive folder that is set to be always in sync.
I can open the project in the laptop or in the desktop when needed.

I set the names of audio device channels to be identical, as MAS explains.

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Yes, like MAS said, the backup function is a good way to clean up and transfer sessions. But it’s not necessary as long as you keep your files together in the project folder.
Also I recommend using the Control Room of Nuendo. Then you always have the right audio connections because the Control Room settings and routings are not saved with the project. They always stay the same on each system. The I/O connections however are saved with each project.

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Unfortunately it´s no option to rename the Audio Connections because the difference is too big. And further more I´m not allowed to do so.
In the I/O dialogue+audio connections is an option to save as a preset? Maybe this would also be a solution? Every time I change my desk I Just recall the preset?
For Backup purposes where could I find the audio-connection presets?

Yes the presets could help probably. Are these complex I/O configs that you are using? Or is it just plain stereo or 5.1 in-the-box mixing that you do?

At home the I/O config is pretty simple @work it is more complex.

Presumably it’s about stereo at home and Atmos at work, right?
Have you ever thought about a “virtual simulation” of the bus structure at home? (Of course, you can continue to use your hardware.)

You can save pre-sets for each section (inputs, outputs, etc.) in the audio connections. (Ich habe die Benutzeroberfläche für den Screenshot mal auf Deutsch gelassen. In Hamburg habt ihr die GUI bestimmt auch auf Deutsch. :wink:)


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